It's More Than Just Trees...

We are people who are respectful of the Earth and have always had a passion for tree's. Keeping tree's healthy and strong is both an art AND a science. We work hard to maintain South Florida's great landscape the way it is, and improve it. Because of our passion we have been working tirelessly since 1991. We work hard to find ways to make our community a better, cleaner, safer place both today... and for our children to enjoy in the future.Tree Service

We will work meticulously for you, whether you are a residential home owner, HOA, Country Club, Commercial Property or even a Municipality. At Adam's we utilize the very latest in equipment to make our work more precise, faster, and safer.

We offer trained and skilled tree service technicians that have the experienced eye to determine exactly the right measures to take to ensure your trees health & beauty.

We offer comprehensive tree services including Corrective Pruning, Canopy Reduction, Hazardous Removal to the greater South Florida area.

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